Berean Service Learning Requirement

Course Title and Number:
Name: Student Number: Date: 07/09/2020
1a. Ministry Activity Date: (MM/DD/YYYY)
1b. Description of ministry activity and its content: Briefly describe your ministry activity in the space provided. (You are encouraged to engage in ministry such as sharing your faith with unbelievers, or other activities that may be outside your comfort zone.)
1c. Identify related course content by chapter, lesson, or page number.
2. Results: What resulted from your own participation in this activity? Include descriptions of people's reactions, decisions to accept Christ, confirmed miracles, Spirit and water baptisms, life changes, etc. Describe the individuals or group who benefited from or participated in your ministry activity. Use numbers to describe results when appropriate (approximate when unsure).
Record numbers here:
Unbelievers witnessed to?
New decisions for Jesus?
Holy Spirit baptisms?
3. Reflection: Answer the following questions based on your experiences in completing this assignment:
Did this activity satisfy an evident need in others? How so?
Were you adequately prepared to engage in this activity? Why or why not?
What positive or negative feelings were you aware of while you were completing this activity?
In what ways were you aware of the Holy Spirit's help during your ministry activity?
What would you change if you did this ministry activity again?
What strengths or weaknesses within yourself did this assignment reveal to you?
Did you receive feedback about this activity? If so, describe.
SELECT YES ONLY IF ENROLLED IN LEADERSHIP HONORS PROGRAM: This ministry activity was approved by a mentor:

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