Undergraduate Service Learning Requirement

The purpose of the Service Learning Requirement (SLR) is for students to apply and present principles learned from each course to people in their life or community during the course enrollment period. Please be sure you have followed the SLR instructions found in your course material. Have you chosen an activity that connects well with what you have learned from your course?

Global University must receive this SLR, as well as your Final Exam Request Form, project and CRA (if required), before your final exam will be released to your proctor.

Please type your responses in this form. Be sure to use correct spelling and complete sentences where possible. Summarize points logically. Please remember that all form fields are required.

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Student Number: Date 07/09/2020

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1. Description of assignment:

Describe what you did.
Where (location/s) did you present it?
To whom (person/s) did you present it?
What were the ministry results? Use only NUMBERS in the appropriate spaces below. Enter a 0 for any categories that did not have numerical results.
Witnessed to

Decision(s) for Christ

Taught/preached to/recipient(s)

Baptism(s) in the Holy Spirit

Church(es) started

Baptism(s) in water
Identify other ministry results with numbers. (Such as: 8 healings, 3 deliverances, 80 faith promises, 5 calls to ministry, 9 rededications, etc.)

2. Content: Summarize in the space below the content of your sermon, lesson, or witness. State the theme and main points or principles. If your assignment was another type of event, summarize the highlights of it.

3. Application: Explain how you applied the course content to yourself and to others. If you preached, taught, or witnessed, explain how you illustrated and applied your presentation.

4. Reflection: From this assignment, state what you learned from or about:

The Lord:
The Ministry:
Time: State how much time you spent in prayer and preparation for this assignment.
Evaluate your time:

For Students: By signing below I freely give permission to Global University (and affiliate agencies) to publish my SLR report to promote the work of God through Global University.

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5. Required feedback from an independent observer (a pastor, teacher, colleague, or friend):

What did you like best about the student's presentation?
How could the student improve in the way he or she participated?
What other words of encouragement do you have for the student?
Name of person commenting and his or her relation to the student:

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